Ludo (2018)

A conceptually driven piece where the body becomes a site for representation and reference whilst alluding to social and political themes (including gender, fashion, 60s culture and drag art). Created for BA3 Middlesex University Dance students over a six-week intensive period. Performed at Artsdepot Theatre, London.


Emily B, Eleanor B, Elle B, Beth C, Georgia D, Beth F, Antionia H, Demetris K, Georgina N, Katie P, Megan S, Elle W, Hannah W


Costume designer: Dianne Jamieson-Greaves

Costume maker: Aylin Altinelli

Composer: Alex Judd

Lighting designer: Mikkel Svak

Make-up artist: Shannon Topliss

1. I play…

2. I sport…

3. I frolic…

4. I practice…

5. I mock, mimic…

6. I tease, ridicule…

7. I deceive, trick… so that

I can make sense of the world around me

Programme note

Behind the Scenes