Beginning ‘Ludo’

The choreographer Liz Aggiss said this:

‘For me performance is marked by the visual presence – I always know what I’ll look like before I work, I don’t dance before I know that’ (in Burrows, 2010: 193).

From a workshop at Bodysurf, Findhorn, Scotland, 2006.

For Ludo, before we started testing or exploring any movement ideas, the costumes were designed and made in advance of the rehearsal process commencing. The visual element of the piece drew inspiration from 60s fashion and illusion. Specifically the design of the dresses followed a pattern similar to a 60s shift dress and the accompanying tights mimicked the striped garments, particular to that era. To add a little ‘theatrical glamour’ the dancers were also given either sunglasses, evening gloves, or had their faces painted with a particular design (inspired by images of illusion, which were also replicated on the dresses).


(Images sourced via Google searches)



(Images sourced via Google search)



(Images sourced via Google search)

This lead to this, for the female dancers (plus picture stripy tights)…!

Costume 2

And the 12 female students in their first costume fitting…

(From left to right)

Georgina Nulty, Megan Steer, Emily Bale, Antonia Hill, Eleanor Bernasko, Georgia Dunn, Beth Craythorne, Katie Page, Elle Waddington, Elle Biggadike, Hannah Wright, Bethany Fisher

Costumes designed by Dianne-Jamieson Greaves and constructed with Aylin Altinelli. 

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