First Rehearsal

Sunglasses Group: Megan, Georgina, Emily, Antonia

Gloves Group: Eleanor, Georgia, Beth C, Katie

Faces Group: Elle W, Elle B, Hannah, Beth F


    • Each dancer given an image of a model in 60s fashion
    • Runway/ catwalk improvisation (plain catwalk, with pose, vary pathway)
    • From this devise a walk (choreographed)
    • Create a short movement phrase in response to character. The model’s pose (in the image given) needs to be the starting point of phrase and movement exploration
    • Watch each as a solo
    • In groups of 4 (sunglasses, gloves, faces), teach each other’s solo so have a longer movement phrase as a quartet

By the end of the rehearsal = 12 runway solos + 12 model solos/ 3 quartets.

Snapshot of the cat walking, still in the very early stages of the rehearsal process(!)


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